show me the pretty

eskayel office

see that gorgeousness above? it’s a shot of the eskayel office, a brooklyn-based company (right down the street from the famous peter luger steakhouse!) that creates the coolest, prettiest, most badass wallpapers, pillows, rugs, etc. i’ve ever seen.

i’ve waffled back and forth over the past few weeks as to what i want this apartment to be. call it “defining my design style” which is a stupid, silly term that resolutely proves that i watch WAY too much HGTV.

the world today, and especially, the internet today, is so over saturated with beautiful interiors that it’s hard to separate the “wow i love this” spaces from the “i want that to be MY home” spaces. i go back and forth between wanting california cool, a la amber lewis and chic neutrals, a la danielle moss. i have a feeling i’ll end up somewhere in between, with a space that’s grounded in neutrals, but accentuated by colorful textiles and art. and also, by this eskayel wallpaper, which i have been pining after since i saw it featured in taylor tomasi hill’s chelsea apartment years ago (see below).


how BEAUTIFUL is that? it’s the sort of design detail that makes people stop and stare, that turns your apartment from a ho hum home into a kickass interior inspiration palace. eskayel founder and designer shanan campanaro takes familiar elements of nature – the sky, the ocean – and turns them into incredibly dreamy digitalized designs that almost look like oversized tie dye.


i did some googling, and found this great interview she did with abc home a while back. it’s worth a read. i am so envious of the makers in this world – the true creatives. rebecca atwood is another amazing textile artist that i’ve been following for a few years (i was lucky to snag a few of her pillows at her spring sample sale, and felt instantly cooler as soon as i walked out of the studio space).


eskayel’s wallpaper isn’t cheap (and rightfully so), so if i want to incorporate it at all, it’ll have to be in a small space. many of the inspiration shots i found used the paper in bathrooms, and powder rooms, specifically (wallpaper in bathrooms with showers/tubs = recipe for disaster, thanks to heat and steam), but i’m leaning towards an entryway sort of thing – just a little pop when you come through the front door. the photo below is a good example, though it’s obviously MUCH bigger than my space.


discerning eyes will notice this is the same paper TTH used in her apartment – it’s called dynasty. so amazing, no? more eskayel goodness below.